Thursday, May 20, 2010

Long time, no blog...

Apparently, I'm turning into Lauer.  Blogging once a month.  Yikes!  :)

So, here it is.

I've been distracted by a little website called Young House Love.  Like, really distracted.  SO distracted that I'm going to get BHG's DIY magazine.  Because they have a column in it.  A whole magazine for a column.  I'm smitten.

Here are some neat things that I've found on their site.

One of the things Sherry and John (we're on first-name basis.  It's cool.) make a point of doing is working within a budget that people have.  For example, the slipper chair in the beautiful room above is from Target.  TARGET.  When they create a mood board for you (which they do for a mere $250!!!), they'll work with whatever you need.  They actually did a mood board for someone that had a seriously TRANSFORMATIVE make over on only $187!  Impressive.  Since they're DIYers, they seem to have a pretty good grasp on frugality.  I like it.

They also do this great thing where they kind of ambush people, and check out their homes (with permission, of course!), and post the beautiful photos.  This set of stairs is just great.  I'm a fan of all the light, and the neat little landing in the middle there.  It's the kind of feature that I'll totally be looking for in the Peavs household v2.0.