Friday, December 10, 2010

I feel it in my fingers...I feel it in my toes!

Christmas is all around us, it's everywhere I go!
So goes the words of the song in "Love Actually," so goes my life as of now.


And, to celebrate the Christmas season, a post.  Which I write while sipping a Tom and Jerry.  Mmmmm.

Here is Casa pv a la Christmas.  I've finally kind of gotten things to a point where I sort of like them upstairs (hangups:  carpet, dining room set, trim, finish on the buffet, upholstery on the Daytons chairs, fix the crooked little chandalier in the dining room...), so I'm ready to showcase!

Let's start with a sweet B&W shot of my Christmas tree, shall we?
Next, let's get a look at some of the rest of the room...we're kind of going with a blue-white-silver-gray thing.  Forgoing the traditional red and white Christmas colors for a bit of cool flair.  I'm leaving a little bit of red (tray on the table, tree skirt, kitchen decorations) and orange (throw, pillow) in there for some variation and a little extra color (gray walls aren't exactly bright and cheerful all the time).  I kinda like what I'm seeing here.

Hmm...all kind of looks better in black and white.  Ha.  Note the Halloween mug on the left.  Full of the Christmas Tom and Jerry previously mentioned.  Also note the shabbily-covered aforementioned Dayton's chairs.  Upcoming (within the next week...) project.  Just you stay tuned!

Here's the dining room.  Note the fantastic Christmas jungle in the background.  I *might* have to find a place to put a couple of them, other than in a group...  Opposite side of the room - my Nana's old dresser (repurposed as a buffet), some shelves, and a whole lotta decorations.

DangE  There's that Christmas T&J mug again...admittedly not very Christmasy, but I didn't want to completely change the entire set up.  And, just because it's sexy and awesome, a shot in vintage B&W.
Just one more quik little item of interest...picked up this little baby in Rothenburg, GE on a recent trip with my favorite gals - Mom and Seester.  Just have to show it off.  It matches the one I got my best girl Cablanch.  Matchy Christmas gnomes!

How cute is that little bugger????  Nothing like a tiny little Christmas gnome to make you smile at the end of a post.  I know I'm smiling.  Probably a combination of the gnome and the ending of "Love Actually," but I'll take it either way.

(note:  yes, I DO realize how often I used the word "Christmas" in this post...on purpose, naturally.)