Saturday, March 19, 2011

I like this.

Found it in the Real Simple mag for this month.  Just a one-page ad that caught my attention.

Excuse the slight fuzziness - it was a small pic.

There's just something about the casual "here's some stuff that I like" feeling of the two boards and the three hanging pics.  I like the rustic look of the wall behind it - very beach cottage.  That's not something that normally catches my eye, but I like it here.  I've been sort of thinking about how I can work in a wooden wall into our house.  One of my fave bloggers, Katie from Bower Power put a wood wall in her little boy's nursury, and I love it.  The rustic, masculine feel of it is just wonderful.  There's something comforting about the simplicity and beauty of it.

I like the idea of some kind of a wall like that somewhere in mi casa.  Probably not this casa, but maybe in the "forever home" of the future?

I like that both of the pics have this great rustic wall.  TOTALLY different kinds of rustic walls, but both really comfortable.  There's something about both of them that make me want to wear a lot of white linen and read books in the sunshine and breeze.  Kind of like living within an allergy medicine commercial.

That's about it.  Just a little sumpn' sumpn' that caught my eye.  Carry on.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guess what I love?!


I've purchased a few things from there (see also:  totally awesome sculpture), and gotten a few items as gifts (thanks family!).  I just love that it's so modern and interesting, while still being pretty affordable.  Here are some things I'm digging from them right now.

It's no secret that I'm in love with acrylic items.  I love, love, love them.  I couldn't possibly tell you why - I just really like how they don't impede on the visual space.  That whole see-through thing is good for that.  In this table, I like the legs.  They're unique and interesting.  GRANTED, I'd love the whole thing a little more if it were a pedestal that could fit, say, 8 people, but I'd take this if someone gave it to me.
I'm also digging the picture frames.  Especially that long one.  Guess what I'll be getting?  Yeah, a couple of those.  Now, where to put them...

And then there's this little number.

I mean, come on.  How cheeky and adorable.  PLUS, it's in yellow.  I love the yellow lately.  I want to use as much of it as I possibly can in the house - especially because the walls are gray.  My husband and my sister will not agree with me, but yellow and gray just look GOOD together.  I'll have to find a place on my floating shelves for a couple of these to live.  Perhaps it would look good living on that acrylic table?

I just love this whole bedroom.  In the CB2 catalog, there's a lot more to the picture.  A whole sitting area with fantastic lime green chairs - you can just see a snippet of them on the left.  Things I dig about this pic:  the mirrored headboard/bed art, the great rug, the subtle wall color (it's more gray in the catalog), the super-mod furniture, and the comforter.  I kind of lust after the comforter.  Alas, we have four furry animals that would have that looking like butt in no time flat.  Bummer.  Pretty to look at, though!

That's just a small snippet of what I'm seeing in the CB2 catalog that I'm liking.  Once I get farther than 27 pages in, maybe I'll come back with some more.  :)

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