Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I don't want to say that I love Martha again, or AGAIN rave about her awesomeness, but I'm going to say this.  During the Kitchen Cure thing that I'm failing miserably at doing, they had an article about the uber-organized kitchen drawers of a certain woman whose monogrammed-on-everything initials are "MS."

My jealousy-meter is off the charts.  Not because she has, like, FIVE citrus reamers, but because there's a place (and ROOM!!!) for everything in her kitchen.  Some examples:

Hello, three sets of measuring cups and two sets of measuring spoons.  WANT.  And I love how the towels are all rolled up like that!  I've got mine folded and neatly stacked according to what kind (dishrag, flour sack, decorative, etc) of towel it is, but this is pretty genius.  Talk about easily-accessible!  I'm also at least mildly jealous of the sheer number of kitchen scissors (yes, I was going to put "sheers" but changed my mind...) the woman has.  Our one pair perennially seems to be either dirty or in the dishwasher, getting cleaned.  As for the second pic...well, I just really want one of those rolling pins.  I do also like how everything is stored in those smaller containers - either by item type or by similar uses.

Favorite thing about the pic on the far left?  FOURTEEN THOUSAND WOODEN PICKS!  Dang, lady.  I like the organization system of the right three pictures.  Especially the lightbulbs thing.  I need to have a place like that for my lightbulbs.  Currently, they're all floating around in their boxes in a giant Cub box that we moved with.  Not very convenient (I'm putting that down as the reason why we have FOUR burnt-out lights in our entryway chandelier...).  The one thing I don't like?  The cup full of unsecured pills.  Maybe it's just because my stupid dog ate a couple of Ibuprofen back in the day that weren't put away in a shelf and I've thus become paranoid.  Maybe it's because I wanna have kids someday, and the motherly instincts that are currently laying low know that's a bad idea.  Maybe it's just because I cringe at the thought of an unknown number of possibly-dirty fingers digging around in there - not to mention all the fuzz and other debris that could get stuck to the pills.  Gross.  Whatever the reason, bad Martha lady whose name starts with "M."  Put those away.

The takeaway to this article, of course, is that I'm going to start going on a thirft store hunt for little "stuff" holsters for my house. Maybe I'll take the plunge and consider splurging on something from The Container Store or whatever. For right now, though, it's back to the Kitchen Cure, and completing weeks 2 and 3. :)