Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Looky there!

Check it.  New blog background.  I know you love it.  Who doesn't love pinks and salmons?


Saturday, February 5, 2011

More crafts!

Katie Bower from the Bower Power blog had a little posting about making a cone tree (that's for tree #2 of 3, BTW).  In the little blog, she mentioned that the process she used for making this cone tree could be used to make a "capiz" lamps.  Then, lo and behold, on HGTV's website, I was looking around for a little decoration inspiration, and stumbled across a picture of a capiz chandelier.  Inspiration has struck.  I'm going to figure out how to make this...

...using wax paper and a light-making kit.  In Katie's blog (yes, we're on a first-name basis, much like I am with YHL's Sherry and John...), she tells how to take three sheets of wax paper and iron them together to create a similar texture to capiz.  Simply cut out the circles and attach together with a tone of fishing wire.  Naturally, this is gonna have to be a "get back to you on that one" kind of a craft, because I JUST thought of it.  I'm not even certain where I would put this baby, either.  Perhaps in our bedroom?  Over what I want to someday have as the reading area?  Maybe not as an *actual* light (read:  nothing electric), and hang it over our jacuzzi tub thingy?  Maybe in the living room?  So very many possibilities.  Can't wait to get started!!

New pretty things to look at!

SO.  It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of John and Sherry P on younghouselove.com.  LOVE those kids (PS - they have a new house to prettify!!  Yippee!!!!!).  Sometimes, I peruse their "Link Love" section.  One of those times, I discovered a little blog called Bower Power.  Katie B is a serious crafter.  (And stinkin' adorable to boot.)  She's got me all kinds of excited for craft-makin'.

One craft in particular is this interesting little number about cone tree decorations.  Yeah, I know - it's a little late (or early), but I can totally think about Christmas 2011 in February.  Totally.

Back in early January, we went to the Home Depot and zipped through the Christmas clearance area.  I found three bags of HEAVILY-scented pine cones.  What don't I have in my cone tree collection?  One made out of pine cones.  So, I decided to take a Miller Lite case (classy, I know!) and turn it into a cone tree using pine cones.

Um, I haven't actually finished it yet, so I'm going to have to keep you updated on this one.  For now, click on that link and look at the three trees that Katie B made for this Christmas (you can click the links within the one page to get to the other two.).

Also, I stumbled upon another blogger's post about making art out of TOILET PAPER ROLLS.  Love it.  Using something that just gets pitched or recycled and turning it into a craft or neat piece of art is great.  Again, my little craft is unfinished, but I can't wait to do it.  I'm making the first one for my seester.  I haven't quite decided what formation the little sucker will take on, but I'm getting escited.  Stay tuned!!