Friday, February 26, 2010

Pink and pretty.

I love this concept:

What do I love?  The CHAIR.  I have to figure out where I can get one of these!  I also really like the pink patterned pillows and the really neat floor.  Wonder if the floor is carpet tiles?  I really like the idea of carpet tiles, and am considering them for our patio - once we demo the current concrete slab that's gone to hell this winter (thank you freeze-and-thaw!) and turn it into a screen porch.  The use of the chandalier is also really great.  I like the white contrasting with the dark shades, which coincidentally match the chair I love.  It's a room that's well tied-together.  I like that.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things I dig

New blogs!
Let There Be Snacks.

I haven't had a huge opportunity just yet to flip through all or even many of her posts.  But, from the newest, I can tell I like her style.  Here are some of her pics.

I LOVE these camels or whatever they are.  Deer?  I think they're deer.  Either way.  I love how those books are strapped on to their backs, and then all crammed into the blocks under.  I like how the shelf piece serves as a bookshelf, a seat, and a kind of art disply with the books inside.

This is just cool.  Granted, it would take up a whole wall, but it's kind of more fun than a closet.  If you're an organized person, I think this would be great.  The colors all go well together - even though I don't like the bright-neutral-bright-neutral way they've stacked them - and the eclectic dresser styles are nicely tied together by having legs.  This could also be great in a kids' playroom.

I'm not really a small spaces fan, but this is awesome.  I'm trying to figure out where in my house I could put something like this.  Less rustic, but similar.  I don't really have much in the way of corners, but I'm willing to give it a shot.  Also adore the butcher block countertops.  I'm still trying to work on getting hubby hooked on the idea of at least changing out our crappy formica countertop on the island to a butcher block.  Thanks, Ikea, for having an incredibly affordable version...  :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well, it's getting "warm," but that doesn't stop me from loving the snuggles.  This is from Apartment Therapy.  Chris, you think you can make me two of these for my chairs?  :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yes, please!

Hot dog!
This is great.  I love it.  This is the kind of thing I want in our closet, once we finally get around to organization.  I would like something like near the back, where my shoes will live in their neat little boxes (which I already have - bonus!).  Either that, or on the wall near the bathroom, perhaps.  Wherever it goes, I'm in love with it.

I've been planning on using those clear glass heads from Pier1 for a while now - I'm planning on getting three, buying matching white wigs (like the picture!), and using them as headband storage, since my every-growing collection of headbands need a place to live.  I would definitely need two rows of hat storange.  I've got a great collection of hats that I never really wear that could use a lovely place to collect dust.  And, instead of having cubbies for my purses, I'm going to fashion hooks for them to hang on, to try and help them keep their shape, and avoid slumping.

While I don't have enough stuff to warrent an entire dresser of belts and scarves and what-have-yous, I think this is lovely, and perhaps something I aspire to.  Much to hubby's chagrin, I'm sure.  :)

"Next Blog" treasure.

Just browsing about the web this morning, my friend Chris discovered this little blog, called SHELTER.  On said little blog, there was an intriguing article from Canadian House and Home mag.  Parts of this house look like my Nana's old friend Marj's house - especially the burnt orange chairs.  There's something about this house that both appeals to me, and makes me feel frazzled.  Something that makes the house look both chic and chintzy.  I can't decide which way I'm going to lean permanently, so I'll just appreciate the things I like about it, starting with this table.

Like everything else about this house, it's a crazy mix of things that I like and things that give me a headache.  The controlled chaos (I'm afraid this is going to become a theme for me!) of all that STUFF, mixed in with neatly-stacked papers appeals to me.  It reminds me that we can have a lot of STUFF, but it can still look nice.  Point:  pack rats!  I also dig the ascending height of the pictures.  I don't like that the lamp is slightly taller than the first picture, though.  That bugs the OCD outta me.  I'm trying to figure out just where I can put a table like this, with a mirror butting up to the one side of it.  Nothing's coming to mind in the current house.  Oh, well - I guess I'll just have to keep this one in my arsenal and use it later...

I also just realized that this set up the designer used as a bedside table is virtually identical to the previous one.  Using unexpected items (like a sideboard table!) as bedside tables makes me giddy.  Loving the look, but don't think I could do that in my house.  Certainly not my bedroom - I would rather have a neat, clean, more modern bedroom than this one.

This just makes me feel anxious and frazzled.  I know I posted previously about enjoying the crazy corkboard, but I don't think I could handle this one...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Ah-ha!  This is the bookshelving I want!  From a House Beautiful article about 101 Make-Over Ideas.

Not normally a fan of yellow or gold shades, I really like the color they've used in the back of the shelves.  It just gives this slight bit of color that makes the white of the shelving really stand out.  I'm a huge fan of bright, clean, fresh white.  There's just something about a beautiful white that I can't resist.  Probably because I can't seem to think anything white and lovely...white and lovely.  :)  I'm also loving the eclectic look of all the items on the shelves.  And the placing of the books!  Different ways of stacking them - from smallest to largest, to on their covers, to even by color.  I also really like all the little tchatchkies.  And the most obvious - the picture.  Like everything else, I LOVE IT.  It's almost like the one massively calming item on the whole thing.  I like the B&W amidst all that color too.

I just think you can tell so much about someone by what's on their bookshelves.  That's probably why I'm pretty much obsessed with how I want all the bookshelves-to-be to look.  I think I'll be looking to this one in the future, once they're finally built and ready to go.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

designer eye?

I sometimes feel like I could just go through Apartment Therapy every day, and have a new post - they seem to constantly have stomething that I love.  Today's something is...this whole room.

At first, it was the table - obviously.  Since it's such a crazy, obvious first impression.  That blue!  According to the article, that startling azure is a color that Yves Klein patented.  Worth the patent fee, I'm sure!  But then, as I'm looking at the picture, my eye goes to the table in the bottom right corner.  LOVE nailhead!  I just wish hubby could enjoy it at all.  He does not like anything about the nailhead trim.  Fool.  Anyway.  I really like the design of the table.  I like the sexy lines.  Then, I see the furniture.  I love the tassle on the bottom and the fluffy yumminess of the back.  I also love the fact that the couch is nestled into a nice little cubby that, instead of being a divider in the room - is a MIRROR.  Then, I see all the BOOKS.  And the bookshelves.  LOVE.  I love a room coated in books.  I think they're some of the best accessories around.  That's probably why I have 20 paper boxes full of them in a closet waiting to be put out into the world.  The way the designer put the table as the centerpiece, and then worked in subtle little blue notes all over the rest of the room.  I think I'm learning a little bit about how designers roll.  ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

write on!

I know.  Bad pun.

But, cool desk!

Even more cool - it's a DIY project!  I like a good DIY.  This one comes to us from Design Sponge by way of Apartment Therapy (I can't seem to get enough of them lately!!).  Pretty much, I'm racking my brain to figure out where I want to put this little baby.  Somewhere in our master bedroom, maybe?  I love all the little details on this one.  From the skinny lamps (are those Ikea??) to the great little paintings (have I seen those on Etsy??)  I'm thinking this could be fabulous in our room where my grandma's dresser-turned-dining room buffet is currently living.  I've been thinking that I want to put a cool, old dressing table there once the dresser makes its move, but I think this desk would actually fit better with the theme of the room we're going to be creating in there.  I love that I'm starting to see our bedroom coming together!!!