Monday, May 16, 2011

My own hallway full monty.

Well.  Nice little neglected blog.  My bad...

In other news, I put together a photo wall!

Thanks to Young House Love, I got all excited to put together my own little hallway.  My problem?  Where to put said hallway.

I could have put it in the basement, but the basement doesn't get a whole lot of face time when people come here.  Plus, it's kinda dark and, you know, in the basement.  Oh, and the little matter of the fact that the hallway leads to the utility room.  Also known as the Cat Room - that's where we keep the cat boxes.  Sooooo...maybe not exactly where I want to direct traffic.  :)  So, upstairs it went.  That hallway is a lot smaller and tighter, but it's a good place to pop a bunch of pictures and other fun items.

So, there you have it.  Now, some pics.

Here's the whole thing laid out on the hall floor.  Note the glorious tiles in the doorway.  Courtesy of the wonderdog when he was a pup.  Stupid wonderdog.

Here's another angle of it.  Not all the frames have the final pics in them.  Can you guess which ones?  :)

Who doesn't like a good progress shot?  I know I do.

Aaaaaaaand another.

And a couple of gratuitous "all done" shots!

Just one little story - these squirrels were painted on our car when we were married.  Back in the day, hubby's roommate named a squirrel that lived in their attic after him.  No, I don't know why.  All I know is that the little car paintings are stinkin' cute.  PS - those are hands, not boobs...

Wait, what's that?  Some TP art?!  Yeah.  You know it.  Also, note the mess in the bedroom behind it all.  This would be the carnage of pulling out all the picture frames and piling everything onto the bed while I find the right frames and the right places for them all.

Oh, and so the other side of the hall doesn't feel lonely, here's what that side looks like.  Not sure that I'll ever actually put anything on those walls other than the CB2 bud vases that are on there right now.  The thermostat and all that on the other side really distracts...

So, there you have it!  My own little version of the picture hallway I someday hope to have - like the Petersiks'.  Someday.

Up next:  finding the right bathroom mirror?